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 zero-feedback, zero-oversampling D/A converter
"when the priority is the 'analogicality' and continuity of the sound, then AudioNemesis will be the only choice. DC-1 is my reference in its range."

AudioNemesis is a very young company born after 20 years of experience of the owners/designers. We would like to offer very high quality audio systems at the right price. Our experience in tube and solid state audio (from source to loudspeakers) give us a different sensivity. So, all designs are original, simple, effective. Nothing of the appearence, no slogan. Every product is balanced in designing, manufacturing and sound. We think that balance is the most important aspect, only with balance we can find music. No excess, no peculiarity, no false sound.
We offer several levels. For a higher number you can reach better results and "more" music. Level 1 is the entry level to the AudioNemesis world, nut it has nothing of the standard entry level product.
DC-1 is a very special digital to analogue converter with choices rare even in top of the line creations and never seen before in this class of audio products. No operational amplifiers, no feedback, no standard low cost parts. We cut any unuseful part and cost. Our long experience in audio circuit gave us a clear road, and we started developing this product.
We believe that audio circuits must be designed without feedback. So, the analogue output stage of DC-1 is zero-feedback, all discrete,with top active and passive parts: Toshiba, Dale, ERO. Anything has been chosen for the music only. This is why the DC-1 has a lower than standard voltage output: we reduced at minimum the output stage to increase at maximum the music. The S/PDIF input (RCA) has a digital transformer made by Scientific Conversion: this is a rare choice also in cost-no-object products and it is very important for the music. The digital section has a very short audio path, to reduce noise. We have chosen the zero-oversampling technique, rich of music and perfect for this class of product. We believe that less is better and our long experience in digital up-grade has taught us that we must avoid jitter related to sound signal in all possible ways and in any design, also in zero-oversampling ones. So, we designed a re-clocking circuit, using a high performance oscillator.
Due to the choice of zero-oversampling, the D/A converter is important and we didn't use a common one but a multibit type.
The power transformer of the DC-1 has one secondary for the digital section and one for the analogue, and it is made with top quality core, usually user in audio output transformers. In order to improve ESR, many low value electrolythic capacitors have been used in place of one or two with high value ones.
Six shunt regulated power supplies can be found in the DC-1. Shunt regulation is expensive, rare and very good sounding. It's difficult to find this technique even in high cost products.
We reduced any kind of noise coming from the power supply in many ways. It's very important to have clean, pure and fast power supplies. To improve the performance, we designed a custom mains filter.


• multibit D/A converter
• zero oversampling
• zero feedback all discrete output stage
• internal reclocking circuit
• low jitter effect on sound
• high quality components
• Scientific Conversion input digital transformer
• very short signal path (digital and analogue)
• 6 shunt regulated power supplies
• very large use of HDG to stop any vibration
• custom mains filtering
• 75 ohm S/PDIF digital input
• RCA stereo output
• 3 years warranty
• 14 days trial